What is a one page website? Apart from the obvious


It's not as silly as you would think, and there is science behind it.
Firstly budget, whilst you know you need a website, but just can't afford a big monthly fee or a large initial payout.
Secondly, if you just need to get information to people, ie a site to answer a dozen questions you are constantly asked, via email or phone, a one pager is perfect. Just send them your site.
And finally, you need a professional online brochure, that is smart and sends the right business image to your customers. The one page site fits your needs.

There are of course other benefits.
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8 reasons why a one page website is a good idea


“Some of the most successful sites when it comes to generating conversions only consist of a single page.”

Developers have noticed the rising popularity of single-page corporate websites, with long scrolls and without navigation between inside pages. This trend is known as One Page and it has become a trend for start-ups, applications, and new interactive ventures.
If we talk about a mobile user, a one-page website can be a great experience. Since around 70% of web traffic is received from mobile devices on many pages, having a one-page website does seem to be a great idea.
It is easy to target specific products or regions ie Torquay Web Design

1 Simplicity
A visitor will have everything they need on one page. There is no learning curve for navigation—everyone understands how to scroll, and the rise of the mobile has made scrolling incredibly easy for most users.

2 Mobile-friendly
Single-page websites are convenient to adjust to mobile devices because their design will probably remain the same. Most one-page templates are responsive, and usually, look as good on smartphones and tablets as they do on a desktop pc.

3 Higher conversion rates
Whatever your conversion metrics are—newsletter memberships, sales, subscriptions—single-page websites get the task done. With every step of the marketing funnel on one page, customers start the process sooner and move faster.

4 Loading speed
Compared to certain other website models, single-page websites have fast turnaround speeds. In addition, a comprehensive representation of the information is carried out in a catchy manner with the required infographics and an intuitive design. This also tends to increase the PR of the site, as most users enjoy these sites to others.

5 Updates are much easier
A single page website can quickly create changes to the site with Google Analytics, which can improve the presentation as well as improve the user interface ease.

6 Reduction of the bounce rate
Compared to complicated websites with browsing gestures and a number of different information options, single-page websites have lower bounce rates. When visitors like the website because of its looks and efficiency, the bounce rate automatically decreases.

7 Easy Surfing
It's one page. It's not going to be easier than that. Visitors can surf through such websites even at a lower Internet speed, which makes them exceptionally reliable.

8 Cost Efficiency
The cost efficiency is one of the key aspects of a single page website. These websites can be developed and managed easily and with fewer resources.
Furthermore, websites with a single page can be quickly developed and launched.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is your starting price for a website?
    Our prices start at £199 for a single page website plus a monthly hosting fee. This is perfect to get your business online. You can use your new domain on your business cards and push people to visit your site for company info and to sell your service.
  • How much for a full website?
    We offer various prices. A 3 or 4 page site starts at £299 and 5 to 10 pages starts at £499.
  • So what about SEO ?
    SEO is actually quite a big subject, although you can't really see it, it has a huge impact on how your website works. All sites have basic SEO built in but if you want on-going and successful ranking you do need our extended SEO modules.
  • Why bother with SEO?
    It's the engine of your website, without good SEO you will rarely achieve high rankings in Google. We are passionate boarderline obessional about SEO. This makes us very good at it. Being part of a collective of equally passionate people, we can offer a broad spectrum of SEO skills. Drawing on many years of search engine experience.
  • What about hosting?
    We offer an affordable package for your website hosting. It is reliable and includes your SSL certifcate. Google requires SSL for all sites now. The SSL removes warnings about your site being insecure.
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