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We want your business to be seen on Google.

It's like a game of chess, it's a test, it's very competitive. But there's nothing better than finding your planning and strategy has paid off and the site is on page one for your keywords.

How do you get found on Google? It doesn't just happen by itself. It is the result of planned keywords, well written background information and content tweaking to improve the website SEO position month by month.

WHY US? Cos we love SEO. It's that simple.

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Need more visitors?

Creating better SEO for your sites to help you get found in Google Rankings.
Ask a business owner what they’d like most from their website, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers.”
What may come after on a customers business’ wish list? More enquiries from their site. To get better enquiries , you need more visitors.
Teignmouth Devon Website Designer SEO

Secure Websites

All our sites come with a SSL Certificate as standard. This is required by Google and removes the Non Secure message you will see in your browser, with older sites. We include this fee in our affordable hosting fee.
Newton Abbot Devon Website Designer SEO


Your brand is more than just your logo and colours. For the smaller business who may not have a huge marketing budget, branding can still easily be maintained. It's about consistency. Why have a chat about how you can start to brand and change how people see your business.

The Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the backbone of your website. The content on your website has to be SEO optimized to improve your ranking on the major search engines. While this is an important truth for all content, it is crucial to small businesses. Without SEO, and the resulting ranking from search engines, the content you put on the internet will be lost in the void of cyberspace or worse losing potential customers.

Have you gone through the work of securing a domain and creating a website to attract new customers to your businesses? Then fail to rank.
That is the primary reason most companies have a website. After all, Google is the place we all turn when we want to find almost anything.
Whatever service or product your company provides, your website is virtually useless if potential customers can’t find it easily through a major search engine.

How do you increase the quality of SEO on your website?

Google and the other major search engines do not release information about every detail they use to determine their rankings, but you can understand the key ingredients to search engine ranking.


Links to your site help organically increase your ranking. Hopefully, your website provides the best information about XYZ in your area and other websites will naturally link to your website to provide customers with quality information. In a local arena, you have the benefit of working with other businesses to exchange links. For example, if you provide all the graphic design work for a local business, you provide a link on your page for customers to visit that business. In exchange, the company offers a link to your webpage on its own site.


The days of being able to rely on poor content stuffed with keywords are over. Take a look at the content on your website. Does it offer genuine value to customers? Is the content clear, concise, and free of errors?
The strategic use of keywords is essential in letting Google spiders, and your customers, know what type of product or service your website provides.
Create page titles with keywords to indicate the purpose of each page.

Take advantage of your geographical location.

Use keywords on your website that mention your local town or area. The reasoning behind this is that if you sell tires and someone Googles “tires in Newton Abbot,” you want your website to appear on the first page. Having your website appear on this, or near the top, increases your click-through rate.

Have evergreen content on your website. Evergreen content is content that will still be relevant months and even years from now. Search engines favour evergreen content, so it boosts your ranking. It also provides the benefit of having some content on your website that doesn’t need to be frequently re-done. If you sell windows, having a blog post over the importance of energy efficiency in windows is an excellent example of evergreen content.

Although you don’t want to overdo it, the more content you have on your website, the more SEO friendly it will become. Think of your website like you do your business. You want it to be in a constant state of growth and health. Accomplishing this means dedicating time to providing fresh content and increasing the size of your website at regular intervals.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is your starting price for a website?
    Our prices start at £99 for a single page website plus a monthly hosting fee. This is perfect to get your business online. You can use your new domain on your business cards and push people to visit your site for company info and to sell your service.
  • How much for a full website?
    We offer various prices. A 3 or 4 page site starts at £299 and 5 to 10 pages starts at £499.
  • So what about SEO ?
    SEO is actually quite a big subject, although you can't really see it, it has a huge impact on how your website works. All sites have basic SEO built in but if you want on-going and successful ranking you do need our extended SEO modules.
  • Why bother with SEO?
    It's the engine of your website, without good SEO you will rarely achieve high rankings in Google. We are passionate boarderline obessional about SEO. This makes us very good at it. Being part of a collective of equally passionate people, we can offer a broad spectrum of SEO skills. Drawing on many years of search engine experience.
  • What about hosting?
    We offer an affordable package for your website hosting. It is reliable and includes your SSL certifcate. Google requires SSL for all sites now. The SSL removes warnings about your being insecure.
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Don't leave your SEO to chance

Do you want more traffic to your local Devon business?

Of course, you do… who doesn’t want traffic coming to their site?
I guess the real question is how can we get you more traffic?
There are 10 slots on the Google first page, just 10, plus the paid adverts, but the stats for them, can be poor reading indeed.

Getting to the first or even second page is not a right, it's a reward. It's a reward for good search engine optimisation. This can represent months of constant work and tweaking, hard study and research. Of course, sites will get there organically but if you're builder, plumber, trader or a hair salon it won't happen on it's own.

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